Comprehensive quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and GMP standards.


Formulation of diverse powdered dairy products and other dry food ingredients in accordance with customer-defined requirements for desired composition, and sensory attributes, as well as meeting exacting standards for chemical and physical product attributes.


Infrastructure that facilitates measurements and testing for all incoming and outgoing products, ensuring comprehensive quality control at every stage of the production cycle, ultimately prioritizing customer safety.


ENTC Dairy Solutions represents a swiftly advancing and ambitious global dairy driven enterprise.

Our expertise lies in the formulation and blending of dairy powders and other dry food ingredients.

By partnering with reliable and notable dairy producers, each day, throughout the entire year, we gather fresh resources converting them into nourishing food components designed to align perfectly with your business requirements.

Our team of international sales professionals works diligently to streamline your inquiries, ensuring seamless production and shipping procedures. Our production facilities in Pasłęk and Żabno are ISO and FSSC certified, demonstrating our commitment to high standards of quality and production safety.